Watch Now: The Jim Rome Show: Marcedes Lewis talks Aaron Rodgers (0:58)

If you were surprised by Green Bay's decision to take a quarterback during the first round of the NFL Draft this year, you're not the only one. Marcedes Lewis plays for the team, and even he was shocked by the Packers' decision to select Jordan Love

During a recent interview on CBS Sports Radio's "The Zach Gelb Show," Lewis was asked what his reaction was to the Packers' decision to use the 26th overall pick on a quarterback, and let's just say, it sounds like his jaw hit the floor. 

"I was shocked, just like everybody else was," Lewis said. "But they don't pay me to be the GM."

The thing about the pick is that it's the type of move that could divide a locker room. If some players feel that the team should have looked to fill a bigger need -- like receiver -- then they probably weren't happy that the team drafted a guy who probably won't be playing for at least three years.

Despite the controversial pick, Lewis still expects the team's chemistry to be just as good in 2020 as it was in 2019. 

"The biggest thing is that we all come together," Lewis said. "At some point, we'll meet everybody and try to get to this championship and win this thing. That's all I'm really focused on."

One other player in the Packers' locker room who was definitely surprised by the pick was Rodgers, who admitted in May that he might not be able to finish his career in Green Bay anymore as he had originally planned. Although Rodgers will be forced to practice with his potential replacement every day, Lewis doesn't think the former NFL MVP will let it become a distraction. 

"You just let it go," Lewis said. "The things that you can't control is water off a duck's back. Do the best job that you can to control the things that you can control, and let the universe do the rest. Aaron is a grown man. You don't think he's ever had to deal with things like that? Whether it be distractions, adversity, it doesn't matter what it is. He's a grown man. He is where he is a for a reason. I'm not worried about it."

Besides Love, the Packers also made a peculiar selection in the second round of the draft when they took running back A.J. Dillon. If you're wondering how that move will impact the Packers' offense, Lewis has your answer. 

"We'll be able to tote the rock a little more, marry up our passing game with our run game," Lewis said. "I'm not worried at all."

Basically, it sounds like Lewis is expecting the team to run the ball a lot more in 2020. Although that could mean fewer catches for Lewis, who started 11 games last season, he clearly doesn't seem to mind.