The Packers have finally decided to put the "Green" back in "Green Bay." For this week's game against Washington, the team will be unveiling a new throwback uniform that's ALL green. 

The uniform combination will feature a green jersey with green pants and matching green socks. The only non-green part of the uniform will be the gold numbers and stripes on the jersey top. 

The Packers have worn throwback uniforms before, but surprisingly, this will mark the first time that they've worn a throwback uniform that includes any green. Over the past 30 years, whenever the Packers have worn throwback uniforms, they've thrown back to their old Acme Packers uniforms, which are are blue and gold. 

Here are a few details on the uniform that the Packers will be wearing on Sunday

  • The Packers are throwing back to the uniform that they wore between 1950 and 1953. However, the team did note that the new look isn't an exact replica of those older uniforms. The new look was inspired by those teams from the early 1950s. 
  • The biggest change will be the fact that the team is getting green pants. The Packers will be dumping their yellow pants and wearing green ones to match their green jersey tops. Basically what it means is that this uniform combination could also double as an awesome St. Patrick's Day costume. 
  • The stripes on the jerseys will also be changing. The Packers usually have two gold stripes on their sleeves with a white striped sandwiched in the middle, but for the throwbacks, they'll be dumping the white stripe. 
  • The helmet won't have a logo on it. For the the throwback game, the Packers will be removing all the decals from their helmet, which means no capital "G" on the side or stripes down the middle. 

So what is all of this going to look like? Let's check it out below.  

When you look at the throwbacks, the first thing you'll probably notice is that it looks like the Packers are borrowing their new uniform from the Oregon Ducks.

Under NFL rules, the Packers are allowed to wear these jerseys up to three times per year. Green Bay will definitely be wearing this uniform on Sunday against Washington. However, the Packers haven't announced if they'll be wearing the uniform for any other game this year, which means this week might be your only chance to see the new look throwbacks in action.