Pacman told rooks he spent $1M in a weekend; Irvin would swap rings for rep

Jones wants rookies to avoid the pitfalls that have sidetracked his NFL career.  (Getty Images)

Adam Jones was one of the featured speakers at the NFL Rookie Symposium recently. And he pointed out afterwards that he participated in the event because he doesn't want the latest crop of NFL youngsters to go through the same things he went through.

The man formerly known as "Pacman" apparently made quite an impact too -- Colts tight end Coby Fleener, filling in for Peter King as a guest "Monday Morning Quarterback" author at, called Pacman's panel "memorable" and broke down a few of the highlights.

"Jones said there will not be another 'Pacman' in the NFL, and credited Goodell for having changed him as a person," Fleener wrote Monday. "Jones understood that he put himself in a position to be suspended."

Fleener said that Jones got specific with some of the issues he dealt with, including spending $1 million ... in a single weekend.

"Jones estimated that 90 percent of his childhood friends within two to three years of his age are now either dead or in jail. Jones grew up in Atlanta," Fleener wrote. "Jones regretfully recounted spending $1 million in one weekend! To which [fellow panel member Terrell] Owens looked at him, smiling, and said, 'Man, you crazy!'"

The Bengals cornerback wasn't the only person who spoke with the rookies that provided an impact. Former Cowboys wideout and Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin spoke to the rooks on the third day and said he'd give up his Super Bowl rings to change the public perception of him as a person.

"Recalling his son Googling him, Irvin said he would give back his three Super Bowl rings in exchange for a clean name," Fleener wrote.

That's a pretty bold statement -- I'm willing to bet that a large number of professional athletes without rings would willingly violate some laws in order to pick up a title. But it's admirable that Irvin took that tact nonetheless.

And it's interesting that both Jones and Irvin, per Fleener, referenced people "Googling" their respective names. In today's world, where a 6-year-old kid can hop on the Internet and find out anything, it's more important than ever to keep a clean name. That's good wisdom from the two oft-troubled NFL players.

Also a good lesson: never spend $1 million in one weekend. The moral hangover/Sunday shame spiral alone could kill you. 

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