Remember when the Colts hung that participation banner inside their stadium after their season ended in the AFC title game? The one that read "AFC Finalist" and was mocked by everyone? 

This story isn't about the Colts and that banner, but it is related to them. On Wednesday, 300 miles to the northeast of Lucas Oil Stadium, the Lions took down their playoff banners inside Ford Field, according to the Detroit News' Justin Rogers. 

Here's a look at their stadium, which is officially free of participation trophies:

So, why'd the Lions remove those banners? They have higher ambitions than playoff appearances as a wild card team, which team president Rod Wood explained.

Of note: The Lions haven't won their division since 1993, back when it was called the NFC Central. So, they've never captured the NFC North title.

And it's unlikely they'll do so in 2017. Though the Lions are coming off a nine-win season, that season included eight wins in one-score games and a minus-12 point differential. That run of luck is unlikely to continue in 2017. Furthermore, the division runs through Green Bay and the Packers have to be considered the favorites once again after adding Martellus Bennett to Aaron Rodgers' arsenal. 

Still, kudos to the Lions for taking down their playoff banners. Your move, Jim Irsay.