Pamphilon claims voicemail is Brees talking about infamous Williams audio recording

Pamphilon says Brees knew about the Williams audio before it was released. (Getty Images)

Earlier this week, documentary filmmaker Sean Pamphilon wrote on his personal website that Saints quarterback Drew Brees and linebacker Scott Fujita (now with the Browns) not only knew about the audio recording of former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams telling his players to target specific 49ers in a January playoff game, but they encouraged Pamphilon to release the audio.

On Friday, Pamphilon told Rapid Reporter Larry Holder that he wants Brees to own his role in the Williams audio release. “Just be truthful,” Pamphilon said. “Don't worry about how this affects your marketing campaign. Don't worry how it's going to affect you in the public arena. ... He is supposed to be an advocate for player health safety. I want him to do his job.”

By Saturday, Pamphilon wrote on his website that he had saved a voicemail from Brees indicating that the Saints quarterback knew about the Williams' audio recording and wanted to review any publication about it before the public saw it. You can listen the audio here, and it's transcribed below:
"Hey Sean, It’s Drew. Hey, I wanted to follow up on our text from earlier today, in regards to the statement that’s going to go out with the tape tomorrow. I would really appreciate a chance to read that before it goes out tonight.

Obviously, I promise, I give you my word, it will not, it will not leave my sight and I will not show it to anybody else or anything. I’m not sure of Fujita’s read it, I know Gleason hasn’t. But I think we would all appreciate the opportunity to read it (Pamphilon's essay that followed the release of the Williams audio) just before it goes out. That way we know exactly what going out before it hits the wire. Alright man, give me a holler back or shoot me a text, or I would appreciate it if you could e-mail it to me. That would be great.  Thanks. Bye.”
In April, Pamphilon came under intense scrutiny when he originally made the audio public, primarily because it appeared that he had used former Saints player Steve Gleason to get access to the team.

In the last two days, Pamphilon has suggested that Brees, Fujita and Gleason all knew the audio would be released, and Brees and Fujita were in favor of it. It's just that, shortly before Pamphilon went public, Brees wanted to vet the statement that would accompany the audio.

"They all knew," Pamphilon told Holder Friday. "They knew. Brees knew. He knew. OK, I know people don't want to hear this because he's Captain America quarterback, but he knew. All he had to do is respect that I had a job to do and not call my play. Some people are not used to having someone say no to them. ... Then the narrative became ‘filmmaker betrays dying man.'”

Brees hasn't commented publicly on Pamphilon's claims and Pamphilon says that he doesn't expect him to.

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