Panthers LB Luke Kuechly knocked the flap off of a teammate's cornea

When Luke Kuechly got to the Panthers locker room after Carolina's NFC title win over the Cardinals on Sunday, the first thing he probably did was apologize to Roman Harper, because that's the humane thing to do after you almost KNOCK THE FLAP OFF OF SOMEONE'S CORNEA.

Yes, that actually happened during the Panthers win on Sunday. 

Let's review what happened. 

On a second-and-6 play for the Cardinals, Carson Palmer handed the ball off to David Johnson, who broke loose for a 23-yard gain before he was tackled by Harper. 

Unfortunately for Harper, he didn't tackle Johnson fast enough for Kuechly's liking.

After Harper made the hit, it looked like Johnson was going to gain another foot or two on the play before he went down. In Luke Kuechly's world though, NO ONE GETS AN EXTRA FOOT. The Panthers linebacker then came in to help Harper with the tackle. 

As you can see above, Kuechly accidentally gave Harper a helmet-to-helmet shot to the head. 

Kuechly's hit left Harper on the ground in some serious pain.  

Some people thought Harper was hurting because he had suffered a concussion, but that wasn't the case. Harper was hurting because the FLAP ON HIS CORNEA shifted out of place. The Panthers safety couldn't see out of his right eye, so the team had to rule him out for the rest of the game. 

"The flap on my cornea shifted," Harper said, via "It's just one of those crazy things. They said the odds of that happening are like a million to one. It happens, and I'll be back."

The safety recently had LASIK, and apparently, if someone hits you in just the right spot, the flap shifts off of your cornea. That's good information for anyone of you out there who are thinking about getting LASIK and then signing with an NFL team

Anyway, the good news for Panthers fans is that Harper plans to play in Super Bowl 50. 

"I took some medicine and got it cleared up," Harper said, via the Charlotte Observer. "I'll be all right. We've got two weeks to get this team ready."

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