Panthers wide receiver Robby Anderson is currently in his first year with the team, and although he seems to have already familiarized himself with Carolina's offense, there are some team-related things he's not so familiar with just yet. For instance, it seems that Anderson had no idea that the Carolina Panthers mascot is a panther, and we know that because the team released a hilarious video this week. 

At some point during the team's 34-30 loss to the Raiders on Sunday, Anderson saw Sir Purr -- the Panthers mascot -- on the big screen at Bank of America Stadium, and for some reason, Anderson thought he was looking at a bear, which led to a very interesting conversation with fellow receiver D.J. Moore. 

Robby Anderson: "What's that bear doing?"
DJ Moore: "Bear?!"
Anderson: "Panther."
Moore: "That's Sir Purr, Bro."

The way Moore responds is perfect. He says the mascot's name as if everyone who has ever lived in the state of North Carolina should know it. Anyway, let's get back to the conversation, which will now also involve Panthers receiver Curtis Samuel

Anderson: "Who?"
Moore: "Sir Purr."
Anderson: "How you say that?"
Curtis Samuel: "Sir Purr."
Anderson: "Sir Purr. Oh, Sir Purr. Wow. You call him that?"
Moore: "Yeah, that's his name."
Anderson: "So you be like, 'What's up, Sir Purr?'" 

The only thing more hilarious than reading the conversation is watching it all go down on video. 

Although most mascots would probably be offended if they found out someone on their team mistook them for another species, that wasn't the case with Sir Purr. 

The Panthers mascot actually seems to be embracing Anderson's mistake. After the video above went viral this week, Sir Purr decided to change his Twitter name to "I'm That Bear."

Sir Purr is embracing his new status as a bear Twitter/SirPurr

One thing that will be interesting to watch is how Staley Da Bear handles this. As the only actual bear mascot in the NFL, he might have some words for both Anderson and Sir Purr when the Panthers host Chicago in Week 6. Knowing Staley, it could get ugly. Just kidding, I don't know Staley at all and I have no idea if it will actually get ugly, but let's hope it does, because everyone loves a good mascot fight. 

As for Anderson, the Panthers will probably be willing to overlook the fact that he doesn't know the difference between a panther and a bear as long as he continues to play like he did in Week 1. In Carolina's loss to the Raiders, Anderson was one of the few bright spots, catching six passes for 115 yards, including a 75-yard touchdown. The game was Anderson's first one with the Panthers since signing a two-year, $20 million deal during the offseason.