Every year, the NFL world judges quarterback prospects based on all kinds of traits. There's accuracy, pocket presence, ability to read defenses, touch, velocity, how they navigate blitzes and pressure, and of course, arm strength. Over the past several years, two quarterbacks lauded for the latter trait are Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, whose scouting reports each contained phrases along the lines of "best arm strength of any prospect in years." 

Mahomes had more success during his first season as a starter than Allen, but both players certainly showed off their arm strength during the 2018 campaign. In fact, Allen actually completed the longest pass of the season, per NFL.com's NextGen Stats. 

Earlier this offseason, Allen floated the idea that he and Mahomes should engage in a longest throw competition to determine who really has the stronger arm. Mahomes seemingly accepted on Twitter, but not officially. Until this week. 

"Josh is a great dude, but no one that I've known has been able to throw a ball farther than me," Mahomes said, via Alex Brasky of the Batavia Daily News. "I've never seen Josh throw in person but maybe next offseason we can set something up. Hopefully I can get him to come down to Kansas City, and we can do something for charity. It's going to take at least 85 yards to win (the throw-off)."

So ... this would be pretty cool! If either Mahomes or Allen can really throw the ball 85 damn yards, that would be pretty ridiculous. I want to see this happen. Let's make it happen.