Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs players react to video of Kareem Hunt kicking woman

Following the Chiefs win over the Raiders on Sunday, there were a lot of postgame questions in Kansas City's locker room about Kareem Hunt, and that's mostly because the game marked the first time that Chiefs players had been available to the media since Hunt was released on Friday

The Chiefs made the decision to cut Hunt after TMZ released a video that showed him shoving and kicking a woman during a February incident at a hotel in Cleveland. After Kansas City's 40-33 win in Oakland, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes admitted that he saw the video over the weekend. 

"I saw the stuff that happened, and we don't do those things," Mahomes said, via the Washington Post. "At the same time, I know we have to move forward."

Mahomes also added that he personally reached out to Hunt over the weekend. 

"I've talked to him, but I'll keep it between me and him," Mahomes said, via the Athletic. 

Chiefs coach Andy Reid wouldn't comment on the situation directly or the decision to release Hunt, but he did say he was proud of his team for overcoming the situation they were put in. 

"Those kinds of things are never easy," Reid said. "I don't want to get anything to distract from how tough a place this is to play [and] my locker room leadership overcoming the situation we had there, which can be a distraction, and [they] stepped up today in a place that we haven't always come out with this kind of result."

One Chiefs player who considers Hunt a close friend, wide receiver Chris Conley, said he wasn't even thinking about football over the weekend. 

"Kareem being a friend of mine, I think the impact is just that -- Kareem as a person," Conley said, via "I didn't think about football or how it would have an impact on this locker room or on our season at all. Because obviously, this is secondary. And life, life is first. You know, he has some things that he needs to learn. Some time that he needs to take. Reflection. I think he's going to do that. Hopefully he has those people around him in that circle who are going to help him through that."

Despite his close friendship with Hunt, Conley still admitted that he was still surprised on Friday when he learned all the details of the situation. 

"It was a little bit of shock, with the things going on," Conley said. "It came at us pretty fast here. But life moves fast, and it doesn't wait for anybody. I've reached out to him, hoping that he gets the help that he needs and that he can grow as a man, and really, the focus is on Kareem as a person, not the football player right now."

Hunt did an interview with ESPN on Sunday where he apologized to his teammates. Of course, Hunt could have new teammates soon. After being cut by the Chiefs over the weekend, Hunt hit the waiver wire, which means any team in the NFL can claim him, as long as they do it by 4 p.m. on Monday. If that deadline passes and he goes unclaimed, then Hunt will become a free agent. However, even if he signs with a team, Hunt won't be allowed to play until the NFL finishes its investigation into his video. Hunt is also under investigation by the league for another incident that took place at an Ohio resort in June. 

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