Many times for bettors, parlays are an absolute Hail Mary placed in hopes of scoring a big payday. Over the weekend, an NFL gambler put all his eggs in a same game parlay basket for the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs game.

All nine legs had hit with just a few seconds left in the game ... and then Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes completely changed the bettor's fortunes. The bettor bet the over of 16.5 rushing yards for Mahomes. The QB had hit it with 18 rushing yards, but when the Chiefs were icing the game, Mahomes kneeled down twice. He ended up finishing with 16 rushing yards on the evening do to those kneels.

It has to be absolutely sickening to be so close to a big payout then have a something like kneel downs completely blow up your parlay. But this bettor is not alone.

In Super Bowl LIV last February, bettors who placed wagers on Mahomes' rushing totals were locked in between 29.5 and 33.5 yards at most sportsbooks. Prior to the Chiefs running out the clock in the final seconds of that win, Mahomes had registered 44 rushing yards against the San Francisco 49ers. Then Mahomes ended up taking three kneel downs and his rushing total went down to 29 rushing yards.

It seems that Mahomes has a knack for bad beats. Perhaps it would be best for bettors to just steer clear of Mahomes rushing yards prop bets for a while.