Watch Now: Tyrann Mathieu joins CBS Sports HQ After Chiefs Super Bowl Win (3:43)

Patrick Mahomes gets more special by the minute. Granted, he didn't have the most statistically outlandish outing in the Kansas City Chiefs' 31-20 victory in Super Bowl LIV over the San Francisco 49ers, but credit the stifling defense of coordinator Robert Saleh for that. What Mahomes did do, however, was deliver when it mattered most. With the Chiefs down 20-10 going into the back half of the fourth quarter, the reigning NFL MVP showed how he earned that title, making big plays with his legs and his arm to push his team to a win.

And with that, he became the youngest player in NFL history to be named Super Bowl MVP, but even more impressive is the fact -- in a roundabout way -- he spoke it into existence. If you'll note the date on the tweet below, you'll see Mahomes contemplated what it'd feel like to stand on the podium as an NFL champion and say a famous phrase heard every year by whoever hoists the Lombardi.

From his mouth to God's Ears, as they say.

Mahomes fought through continued adversity against a stifling 49ers defense that sacked him four times and intercepted him twice, and considering he only threw five all season and none in the playoffs leading into the Super Bowl, it's a credit to just how dominant the San Francisco defense played for 85 percent of the game. The problem for them was obvious though, because as others have learned the hard way, you have to be perfect wire-to-wire against Mahomes and a Chiefs offense that can strike with the speed and lethality of a mamba, and that's precisely what happened in Miami.

The 49ers were bitten in the fourth quarter and had no anti-venom. 

Now in line to become the highest-paid player in NFL history, nothing stands in the way of Mahomes commanding money that will be compared to the NBA and/or MLB, and no one can argue against him deserving it. The young, bright-eyed kid from Tyler, Texas took the NFL by storm in his first full year as a starter and then took the throne in his second. And now he knows exactly what it feels like to say those magical five words.

Someone tell Mickey and Minnie he's on the way.