Patrick Peterson was suspended for the first six games of the 2019 season for violating the NFL's performance-enhancing drug policy, but what does that mean for a Cardinals team that isn't expected to be very good anyway? And where does Peterson, who previously expressed his desire to exit Arizona, go from here?

John Breech, Ryan Wilson and Sean Wagner-McGough joined host Will Brinson on Friday's Pick Six Podcast to break down the situation with Peterson and the Cardinals, and decide whether the suspension will push Arizona toward moving on from its star cornerback or if it will make him more likely to stay with the Cardinals.

"Peterson scrubbed his social media accounts of the Cardinals name and their profile," Breech pointed out, "which is the first step towards a breakup. It's happening."

Breech added that it's time for Arizona to move on, and with Peterson's trade value taking a dip, this could be the perfect chance for some other team to swoop in and pick up the eight-time Pro Bowler for, say, a second-round pick.

"There's no downside to making an offer to the Cardinals," he said. "They'll even get him cheaper in 2019, only paying him for 10 games."

As for the Cardinals, Breech pointed to their schedule -- Arizona faces a lot of run-heavy teams like the Ravens, Panthers and Seahawks early in the season -- and says it won't make much difference in the win-loss column.

"They're going to win the same amount of games in those first six whether they have Peterson or not," he said.

The guys also dive into all the latest NFL news and notes, including fallout from the Jets' GM firing. To hear the full conversation, listen to the podcast below, and subscribe/listen daily for the latest NFL goodness. Even in the offseason, there's plenty of football to follow.