The New England Patriots have undergone some serious changes this offseason, and apparently, they're not quite not done yet. Not only will the team have a new quarterback and a new kicker in 2020, but it appears they're also going to have a new look. According to the Associated Press, the Patriots will be making some changes to their uniform this offseason, marking just the second time that the team has unveiled any sort of uniform change under Bill Belichick. 

Over the past 20 years, the only time the Patriots changed their look came in 2016 when they unveiled their Color Rush uniform. The Patriots have also worn red jerseys under Belichick, but those were throwbacks and weren't technically new uniforms. The Patriots have been wearing the current variation of their uniform since 2000. 

Although change is coming, it won't be anything dramatic. According to, the team's logo won't be changing and the changes to the actual uniform will be subtle. The new look is expected to be unveiled at some point in the coming months. 

As it turns out, it seems that Julian Edelman might have actually been the first person to spill the beans about the Patriots' new look. Back on March 13, Edelman tweeted about new jerseys, but no one was really sure if he was making a joke (Edelman loves to joke on Twitter) or if he was referring to the Patriots actually getting new jerseys. 

And just in case you're wondering, the picture in the tweet is not a preview of the new uniform. Instead, that is just Edelman photoshopping himself into the uniform that the Patriots wore from 1993-99. 

The Patriots aren't the only team that will be rocking a new look this season and that's because there's a total of SEVEN teams that will either be changing their uniform or getting a new one in 2020. Besides the Patriots, the Browns, Falcons, Rams, Buccaneers all announced earlier this offseason that they would be unveiling a new uniform for 2020. According to the AP, the Chargers and Colts will also be unveiling a new look for the upcoming season. However, don't look for a major change from Indy, as they'll only be tweaking their classic blue-and-white uniforms. 

The changes have already started in the NFL with both the Rams and Chargers unveiling new logos this week. You can see the Rams logo by clicking here and you can see the Chargers new logo by clicking here. If you only have time to click on one of those, definitely go with the Chargers, because their new logo is way cooler.