Patriots' arrogance on full display with Tim Tebow signing

This is what the Tim Tebow signing in New England says to me: 

1. Bill Belichick is doing a favor for his buddy Urban Meyer.

2. The Patriots' arrogance is in full force. It's more of this: "We can make anything work. We're the Patriots. We don't deal with distractions, just football players. We're the Patriots."

I just don't understand the move. The Patriots have a young quarterback in Ryan Mallett behind Tom Brady, and he's a far more polished passer than Tebow. Who's he replacing as a tight end in New England? Rob Gronkowski or Aaron Hernandez or anybody? He's never played the position and has no suddenness to his game. Can he catch? Who the hell knows?

Is it a special-teams move? Tebow was a so-so punt protector for the Jets, according to one special-teams coach I talked to last season. Covering kicks? Yeah, sure.

Fullback? He had a bad concussion in college -- he was "turtled" -- and who knows if he can handle the constant collisions in the hole with a linebacker.

Short-yardage player? Are you taking Tom Brady off the field to run that guy on third-and-2? Didn't think so.

So why? 

I go back to my first two points. Belichick and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer are good friends. Tebow is like a son to Meyer. Enough said there.

As for the Patriots' arrogance, this reeks of it. They’ll show the other teams again that distractions don't matter in New England. Tebow may be a cult figure, but it won't be an issue in their locker room.

Good luck with that. How long before the Tebow cult starts calling for him to replace Brady? Don't laugh. It's coming.

I heard one guy on a national network say the Patriots love tough, smart football players, which is why Tebow was signed. Uh, Tebow might have one of those traits, and it isn't the second one.

There's almost a fear of talking about Tebow's football intelligence. Other players get lit up for their supposed poor football IQ. Not him. Yet when I talk to coaches, players, and other staff about Tebow's football smarts, they say he is lacking in that department.

Why do you think he wore an armband in Denver? Was it stylish?

Good for Tebow that he landed a job. I have no idea what he will do with the Patriots. My guess is that this ends badly, and they will have to do the unthinkable when they find out he can't play anywhere and let him go.

But at least Belichick did his buddy a favor and, in the process, did Tebow one, too.

At least he's geographically a lot closer to Canada now.

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