Devin McCourty, the Patriots defensive back who won a Super Bowl with the team in February, already announced his intention to skip the Patriots' visit to the White House. On Friday, McCourty provided a lengthy explanation as to why he won't be joining his teammates in meeting President Donald Trump.

"For me, it was just the different things that come out of the White House or the administration just didn't agree or align with some of my views," McCourty said. "I talked to Chris Long. I thought he said it the best. He has a young son. And he said, whatever happens from this administration ... he doesn't want his son to grow up and say, 'Dad, you knew that was the wrong thing to do at the time. Why did you do it? You knew what was right.'"

McCourty went on to cite being a new dad and not wanting his daughter to ask him about "shaking someone's hand" that he doesn't agree with. He also called it an "individual decision."

You can watch his entire remarks below, via The Undefeated:

As McCourty alluded when he mentioned Long, he won't be the only member of the Patriots' championship team who will skip the trip to Washington, D.C. Martellus Bennett won't attend. Neither will LeGarrette Blount and Dont'a Hightower. In all, six players have said they won't go. Many of the players have named Trump as the reason why they won't attend.

(Click here to see Bennett's explanation, here for Hightower's, here for Long's, and here for Blount's.)

Of course, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick are all friends of Trump and have voiced their support for him. In February, Brady was asked about all of the players skipping.

"It really is a great experience," Brady told PFT Live. "Putting politics aside, it never was a political thing. At least, it never was to me. It meant you won a championship and you got to experience something cool with your team, with your teammates. Everyone has their own choice. It's an offseason. These days are valuable for everybody. You only get so much time with your family and friends, and if people don't want to go they don't want to go and that's their choice."

The Patriots' visit will take place Wednesday.