The Texans failed in their pursuit of esteemed Patriots personnel executive Nick Caserio last spring, but league sources said it remains very likely that Caserio joins that franchise in a prominent role in 2020. Houston remains very interested in the key figure in New England's dynasty, and Caserio is a free agent after the season.

Sources said the odds of any extension between Caserio and the Patriots are beyond slim. Caserio has ties to Texans coach Bill O'Brien, who currently has general manager powers in Houston, as well as Texans executive vice president Jack Easterby, who worked with him in New England. Caserio has rebuffed repeated pursuits by other franchises for years, but was very intrigued by the opportunity the Texans provided, sources said.

The Patriots ultimately scuttled that possibility in the spring, with the Texans backing off after the threat of a tampering charge (though several executives from other teams stated they had doubts about New England's ability to actually meet the standard for tampering). Caserio has been Bill Belichick's right-hand man in the personnel department for the bulk of the team's dynastic run, but like other coaches and executives there, outside options have become increasingly attractive with Tom Brady nearing the end of his career.

Caserio has long been viewed around the league as a top candidate for other GM jobs, and his ability to run a franchise will never be tested as long as Belichick has total authority of the Pats (which, for good reason, isn't changing until or unless the coach wants it to). Caserio will be sought out by numerous owners this offseason, but several close to him expect he heads to the Texans, as he intended to in the spring when then-GM Brian Gaine was fired so Houston could target Caserio.