The Patriots opened as 5.5-point favorites to beat the Eagles in Super Bowl LII and even though the line is now 4 points, one Pats fan remains unconcerned.

That's 21-year-old Eddy Ferrini, a student at Northeastern and obviously a huge Patriots fan. And five days ago, he posted his new tattoo to Instagram. All of New England's Super Bowl victories are listed, with one exception. At the bottom is "LII," which won't take place until this Sunday. But Ferrini has so much confidence in his team that he went ahead with it.

"I've wanted to get the Roman numerals of the Super Bowls for a long time now," Ferrini told the Boston Globe in an instant message. "And I think the Pats are a lock to win the game."

Not everyone was as excited about Ferrini's new tattoo as he was, primarily because Patriots fans were worried that he had jinxed the team ahead of its eighth Super Bowl appearance this decade.

"I just don't understand why grown men and women actually believe that a fan getting a tattoo will have an impact on Bill Belichick and Tom Brady -- the two GOATS," Ferrini said. "I don't believe in any of that jinx or superstition stuff."

Plus, Ferrini has an ingenious plan if the Pats fall short on Sunday.

"If they lose, they'll win next year -- so I'll add on another 'I,'" he said.