Beer-throwing fan banned by Patriots, could face prosecution for dousing Chiefs' Tyreek Hill

After Kansas City's wild 43-40 loss to New England on Sunday, there's a good chance that no one in the Chiefs' locker room needed a shower more than Tyreek Hill, and that's mainly because he was covered in beer. 

The beer came courtesy of a Patriots fan, who decided to pour his Bud Light all over Hill after the Chiefs receiver caught a 75-yard touchdown pass during the fourth quarter that tied the game up at 40 with just over three minutes to play. 

The fan's decision to dump beer all over Hill has turned out to be a costly one. First, the Patriots have banned him from Gillette Stadium for the rest of time. 

"Gillette Stadium security has identified the fan who violated the fan code of conduct by tossing beer onto a player during the game last night," the statement read. "The matter has been turned over to local law enforcement and the fan will be sent a letter of disinvite to all future events at Gillette Stadium."

The part of that letter that the fan is going to want to focus on is the fact that the Patriots have turned the case over to local law enforcement. Hill's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told on Monday that they're going to push for the man to be prosecuted. 

"That type of behavior is unacceptable," Rosenhaus said. "Players have to be protected. We want that fan to be prosecuted."

According to WBZ-TV, the CBS affiliate in Boston, the 21-year-old beer-throwing man is expected to be charged with disorderly conduct. 

Of course, beer wasn't the only thing that Hill had to deal with on Sunday night. After he scored his 75-yard touchdown, multiple Patriots fans also flipped the bird at him. Here's what it looked like in the end zone after Hill's score. 

Tyreek Hill didn't get a warm welcome from Patriots fans.  NBC/NFL Game Pass

If you want to see an unedited version of the middle fingers and the beer being thrown at Hill, you can click here for a slow-motion replay

With the game being played in primetime, plenty of former NFL players around the country were watching during the aftermath of Hill's touchdown, including Reggie Bush. After the beer shower, Bush wrote on Twitter that fans "need to chill."

As for Hill, he was asked about the incident after the Chiefs' loss and didn't sound too upset. 

"My coach [Andy Reid] told me, 'Don't get emotional. Don't get mad about it because it comes with the territory,'" Hill said, via "I'm not mad at all."

Although Patriots fans didn't seem that impressed with Hill, the same can't be said for Patriots players. Following the game, there were a lot of players in the Patriots locker room who seemed in awe of Hill's speed. 

Cornerback Stephon Gilmore was blown away by Hill, who finished with seven catches for 142 yards and three touchdowns. 

"Fast, I've never seen anyone that fast before," Gilmore said, via quotes distributed by the team. "Fast, fastest guy I've ever covered."

Safety Duron Harmon echoed Gilmore's assessment of Hill. 

"He's by far the fastest person that I've ever came in contact with," Harmon said. "That's what he is. He's a great athlete and he's fast. If he gets anybody in that position, more than likely he's going to be gone. I still have to find a way to do something, to try and get him down, to force him to the sideline. I've got to give my defense a chance to live to see another play, and I wasn't able to do that right there."

According to Devin McCourty, once Hill has the ball, he's nearly impossible to run down.  

"He is unbelievably fast," McCourty said. "It was tough at times when we had leverage on him then he just ran full speed the other way. Those plays are when we want to run down, tackle and make a play but Hill is a tough guy to run down."

The good news for the Patriots is that they were able to win Sunday's wild shootout despite Hill's huge night. The good news for Hill is that he was able to shower after the game and now no longer smells like beer. 

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