Patriots intern who started 'Spygate' is auctioning Super Bowl ring

You can be a part of Spygate history with this ring. (Goldin Auctions)
You can be a part of Spygate history with this ring. (Goldin Auctions)

All the Spygate tapes have been destroyed, but that doesn't mean you can't be a part of 'Spygate' history. All you have to do is make a bid. Matt Estrella, the video assistant who inadvertently started the Spygate scandal when he was caught filming the Jets in 2007, is auctioning off his Super Bowl XXXIX ring.

Estrella was a video intern when the Patriots won Super Bowl XXXIX, then worked as a video assistant with the team from 2005-09.

Apparently Spygate memorabilia is popular because bidding on the ring has now reached $11,120 after starting at $1,500. 

Who's bidding on the ring? Peyton Manning seems like a possibility. He'd probably love to have a second Super Bowl ring right about now. I could see Bill Belichick placing a bid too, just so the ring doesn't fall in the wrong hands. People in Cleveland are probably bidding also, because this might be their best chance to get near a Super Bowl ring. Sorry, that was mean Cleveland, I didn't mean it. 

Either way you can only bid on the ring until 10 p.m. ET on Feb. 7. 

The Spygate controversy began in Week 1 of 2007 when Estrella was caught filming Jets' defensive coaches. An NFL investigation eventually led to Bill Belichick being fined $500,000 and the Patriots, as an organization, being fined $250,000. New England was also docked its first-round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft.

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