Patriots' Josh McDaniels finally speaks after reporter shows up at his house

It's been pretty easy to find critics of Josh McDaniels, the Patriots offensive coordinator who was expected to become the next Colts head coach this week only to back out at the 11th hour. The move left the Colts scrambling and everyone else blasting McDaniels for his unprofessional behavior.

On Wednesday, we finally heard from McDaniels, if only briefly, after an NBC10 Boston reporter knocked on his door. The Patriots offensive coordinator was understandably surprised when he answered, saying "I love Patriot Nation" when asked for comment on, you know, this whole situation.

NBC10 Boston

And when the reporter tried to ask a follow-up question, McDaniels would only offer this: "No, I'm not going to do any comments. Thank you."

McDaniels also said he's feeling "fine," which must be a huge relief to the Colts and their fans.

Meanwhile, count former Hall of Famer Tony Dungy, who won a Super Bowl as the Colts coach, as wholly unimpressed with McDaniels.

On Thursday morning ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted this message he received from an NFL executive: "I'm sure this is unpopular in our instant take world but good for Josh. It's not his fault playoff system and interview window is as it is."

To which Dungy responded:

"You make those decisions before you say I Do," Dungy continued, via PFT. "Don't get married start a family then say I changed my mind. He didn't sign the contract but he said I Do. That is common decency and integrity. You don't do that to the families of your peers."

And Dungy wasn't buying the idea that McDaniels was talked into the decision by Kraft, who reportedly was happy to stick it to the Colts for Deflategate.

"Has nothing to do with a Bob Kraft. This is all on Josh McDaniels. He's a grown man and has to take responsibility for his decisions," Dungy wrote. "I can tell you in the football coaching community it's not even close to being acceptable."

And while a skeptic might note that Dungy is coming at this as a Colts supporter, know this: McDaniels' agent fired him this week, reportedly calling his decision to stay in New England "career suicide."

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