If there's one big question that's been hovering over New England for the past month, it's whether or not organization's big three -- Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft -- can continue to co-exist.

Although no one knows for sure what's going to happen in 2018, there has been a slight cloud of uncertainty hanging over the organization since early January, when ESPN released a report that suggested the Patriots dynasty was crumbling from within to due to tension in Foxboro. 

Kraft must love that cloud of uncertainty because he didn't do anything to make it disappear this week when he was asked a simple question by Andrea Kremer. During an interview with the NFL Network, the Patriots owner was asked if there was "any question that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will be back as Patriots next season?"

The easy answer would have been "Yes, they are returning," but if you've ever watched anyone in the organization answer a question, then you know that the "Patriot Way" is to never give the easy answer. Instead of confirming that both men would be back next season, Kraft offered a vague non-answer. 

"I appreciate you asking that question and I'm not going to respond to it," Kraft said. "You'll just have to see for yourself."

You can take that one of two ways: Kraft knows they're coming back, but was purposely vague because he's been taking media tips from Belichick or he genuinely isn't sure what's going to happen and didn't want to say that in an interview. 

Either way, it was a fascinating and mysterious answer from an owner who doesn't usually give mysterious answers. 

One thing Kraft was very open about was the amount of tension within the organization. Not only did he admit to it, but he said that having tension can make a team great. 

"You have tension," Kraft said, when asked if there was dysfunction within the organization. "I think tension, a certain amount of tension, helps make great things happen."

As for Kraft's vague answer about the future of the organization, if someone does leave before next season, it doesn't sound like it will be Brady. During the interview, Kraft was asked if he could envision a situation where he would have to tell Brady that it's time to retire. Before he could answer the question, though, his son, Jonathan, chimed in. 

"I think Tom Brady's earned the right to have that be a decision he makes when he wants to make it," the younger Kraft said.

That sounds like the Krafts are willing to let Brady play until he doesn't think he can play any more. As for Belichick, who knows what's in his future. The Patriots coach has answered only one question about his future over the past month and that came back on Jan. 8, three days after the ESPN report was released. 

Belichick has been asked about his future over the course of Super Bowl week, but he's deflected the question every time he's been asked. The Jan. 8 interview was the only time he actually answered anything that remotely pertained to his future. 

Belichick was asked if he intends to be back with the Patriots next season, and in pure Belichick fashion, he gave a one-word answer. 

"Absolutely," Belichick said. 

In what may or may not be a coincidence, Kraft used that same exact word when he was asked by MMQB.com on Jan. 6 if he thought Belichick would return. 

"Absolutely," Kraft said. 

For the first time in 18 years, there's some mystery surrounding the future of the Patriots. If Belichick and Brady are both back in 2018, it will be business as usual in New England, but if one of them is out, it will put an end to the greatest dynasty in NFL history.