Patriots rookie wrote a book and won Georgia Children's Author of the Year

Malcolm Mitchell put up over 2,350 receiving yards at Georgia. He caught 16 touchdowns. He even found time to write a children's book during his college career. Then, he was drafted by the Patriots in the fourth round of last month's draft. Now, Reese Witherspoon wants to hang out with him.

His life got even better this past weekend.

Mitchell won Children's Author of the Year for that book, The Magician's Hat, which was published last summer. The Georgia Writers Association honored him with the award.

I, unfortunately, fell just a tad out of the recommended age group, but I still enjoyed the premise of the book (via

David, the Magician, loves to perform magic but his favorite trick is not pulling a rabbit out of a hat or finding quarters behind the ears of children. Instead, David knows the magical power of books, which can explore dreams and develop creativity. Bring your imagination and look inside The Magician's Hat.

As The Red & Black reported a year ago, Mitchell began reading frequently after suffering a knee injury at Georgia, joining a women's book club. Then, he decided to write his own book. He even spent about $1,000 to have it published.

Consider it money well spent. That book ended up turning him into an award-winning author.

This is how I imagine Malcolm Mitchell reacted when he won the award for his book.
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