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Typically, if you want to attend an NFL playoff game, it is going to cost a decent amount of money. That cannot be said about the upcoming Buffalo Bills Wild Card Round game against the New England Patriots.

The Bills are hosting the event, and, while Bills Mafia has a reputation of doing whatever they can to get to a game, it seems not as many want to attend Saturday's matchup. Tickets for the game are going for under $40 on many websites, which is unheard of for a Bills or Patriots game in this era, never mind a playoff game.

The drive-up cost for parking at the stadium is $40, so parking will cost you about the same as the tickets.

Here is a look at minimum prices on the major ticket sites:

Fees of course vary for each website.

Just to show how low those figures are, here is a look at the cheapest prices for other playoff games this weekend, via Ticketmaster:

The major question when seeing these prices is, "why?" ... which can be answered in part by the weather conditions for the game. CBS Boston is forecasting temperatures in the single digits and with the wind chill added it is expected to be minus 10-15 by the time they kickoff for the primetime game. According to there will be 10 mph winds during the game.

All said, it may be one of the coldest NFL playoff games ever. So, it's not exactly the best conditions to stand outside in.

While the freezing temperatures would turn most away, cold is not something Buffalo fans or New England fans are strangers to, so it is surprising that the prices are this low. Saturday's game is at 8:15 p.m. at Bills Stadium.