Pats WR Brandon LaFell taking a break from Twitter after backlash

Brandon LaFell is taking a break from Twitter. (USATSI)
Brandon LaFell is taking a break from Twitter. (USATSI)

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Former Panthers receiver Brandon LaFell signed with the Patriots a few days ago, and though his comments probably came off harsher than he meant to make them, this was his reasoning for moving with New England.

"Because I had a chance to play with a Hall of Fame quarterback," LaFell said, via "One day, Cam [Newton] will be there, probably, but he’s not there now. And I feel like there was a better chance to come up here and get more balls and win up here, than with Carolina."

Though it'll be awfully tough for Cam Newton to make any kind of Hall of Fame if Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman doesn't get him some receivers at some point, LaFell immediately felt the backlash from social media.

For the record, LaFell dropped eight passes last season -- according to Pro Football Focus, that tied him for 19th among all receivers -- so it's not like he was the league's biggest propagator of pilfered passes. But point taken: LaFell isn't perfect (though he did manage career highs with 49 catches and five touchdowns).

And because of all of this (we assume), here was the latest tweet from LaFell.

But let LaFell explain further his reasoning for his original comment.

"Those [Patriots] receivers just have to put their hands up," LaFell said. "No matter what route they ran, no matter what kind of guy was on them, they just had to put their hands up. The ball was always in perfect placement. So if you’ve got a guy that places the ball like he does year to year, it’s great."

Really, it's hard to blame LaFell. Because if it's Tom Brady vs. Cam Newton, it's not difficult to determine why LaFell made the choice he did.

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