The city of Boston is basically throwing a party for David Ortiz this week, renaming a street near Fenway Park in honor of the former superstar slugger and having a David Ortiz Roast. was there for latter event and captured Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski spitting some comedy in Ortiz's direction.

It was, to say the least, not safe for work. Gronk, in the true spirit of a roast, crossed a whole host of lines while making jokes at Big Papi's expense. 

You can watch the full explicit video here, but again, be warned, it is not the sort of content you want blaring from your computer in a public setting.

That's because Gronk uses multiple F-bombs and some questionable racial content. And he's probably going to catch some heat from the public about it.

There are a number of different funny jokes in there -- Anthony Mackie, who was part of the panel on the stage and plays the Falcon in the Marvel movies, is "the worst-looking falcon" he has seen since the second half of the Super Bowl. Sick burn.

Less popular will be Gronk's joke that Mackie's superpower is that he "can even fly when he's not being chased by the cops." 

Gronkowski also touched on immigration and President Donald Trump, joking that Adam Ray's eyebrows look like they "came from five to seven countries on Trump's travel ban list."

He also made multiple jokes about Ortiz being a sizable human being and cracked wise about "Little Papi." 

There is all but guaranteed to be some backlash against Gronkowski for the jokes, with some of it coming Friday. In the year 2017, it's just not possible to make offensive commentary, even at a roast where such commentary is encouraged, and expect no one to complain.

Gronkowski largely gets a free pass for his off-field antics, because he is typically harmless and mostly bro-tastic. No one flinches when Gronk racks up a $100,000 bar bill, parties at a parade or shows up at a White House press briefing

Don't be surprised if he gets in some hot water over this though.