Percy Harvin almost walked out on Vikes over Aaron Hernandez deal?

Because the Percy Harvin will-they-or-won't-they-trade-him saga with the Vikings can't get any weirder, how's this: The explosive wideout reportedly threatened to walk out on the Vikings last offseason because of a deal Aaron Hernandez received from the Patriots.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports, after Harvin found out about the extension his former Florida teammate Hernandez -- who, by the way, is a tight end -- got from New England he almost rolled on his team, before the season.

That's a bad look, but it's not too stunning for the mercurial Harvin. Half this offseason involved a discussion about the Vikings reportedly being willing to trade Harvin, followed by GM Rick Spielman saying the Vikings "have no intent" to deal Harvin and Harvin refusing to talk about the rumors.

It's just weird that he'd freak about Hernandez's extension. I get that he's buddies with Hernandez and probably thinks he's more valuable and wants the same treatment. But they're on two different teams. They play different positions. And Harvin got first-round money; Hernandez fell in the draft and didn't. Their situations aren't really comparable.

Harvin's a viable MVP candidate if he can stay on the field and stay in good graces with whomever he's playing with, and he's as unique a weapon as you can find in the NFL.

But all of these issues are adding up to major baggage for a player who already had baggage, and it's going to make it increasingly difficult for the Vikings to figure out how to proceed with a guy who should be a star of their offense.

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