PETA calls Namath's 'caveperson coat' Sunday's 'real embarrassment'

Not everyone was jazzed about Joe Namath's fur coat. (Twitter)
Not everyone was jazzed about Joe Namath's fur coat. (Twitter)
If your reaction was anything like ours, you laughed when Joe Namath sashayed out onto the MetLife Stadium turf for the coin toss wearing a fur coat. But the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) didn't appreciate the humor. In fact, the group released a statement on Namath's fashion choice, going so far as to call his "caveperson coat" the "real embarrassment on Sunday."

(So there's your silver lining, Denver. You're not nearly as embarrassing as Joe Namath.)

"No matter what he spent on that eyesore, the animals who were trapped, bludgeoned, electrocuted, or skinned alive for their fur paid a lot more -- the ultimate price, in fact -- and viewers across the country agree that it was too high a price, as demonstrated by the outpouring of anti-fur messages that hit Twitter the second that Namath’s coat hit the screen," the statement continued.

"PETA is asking Joe, who swore off fur when his wolf-skin bedspread horrified his fans decades ago, to donate the coat so that we can give it a proper burial. From the tweets, we also bet that the next time Namath is looking for a game-day look, he’ll reach for something that will make people feel warm and fuzzy about him and not remember the warm and fuzzy animal who died for that awful look."

We'll be honest, we're intrigued by this wolf-skin bedspread Namath reportedly once owned.

Meanwhile, the proverbial cat may already be out of the bag. Namath says he spent about $3,000 on the fur coat, and the exposure has been good for Mark Kaufman Furs in midtown Manhattan where Namath purchased it last week.

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