Peterson on Sherman: 'His job is much easier than mine'

Richard Sherman just got paid. Patrick Peterson is looking to. (USATSI)
Richard Sherman just got paid; Patrick Peterson is looking to. (USATSI)

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman just got paid to the tune of a $57.4 million deal (including $40 million in guaranteed money), and that makes him the league's highest-paid cornerback.

That development is good news for Patrick Peterson, the Cardinals cornerback taken fifth overall in 2011, who will also be cashing in on his NFL success in the near future. But Peterson sounded a less-than-laudatory tone when talking about Sherman recently.

"If you look at their scheme and you look at our scheme, he's a Cover-3 corner, period," Peterson said of Sherman, via Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. "A lot of guys say he's a shutdown corner, but if you look at film and guys who understand the game, go back and look at film and see how his defense is.

"I believe if you put him in our system, I don't think he'd be able to last, honestly, because I'm asked to do much more than he is."

Our initial reaction: Then why don't more teams run the Seahawks' defense? If it makes average players into superstars, you'd be stupid not to, right? Alternatively, maybe Sherman's a really good player. Does he benefit from having Earl Thomas and Cam Chancellor behind him? Sure, but how's that his fault?

"I don't want to get into a debate as far as getting the stats that he has and things like that," Peterson said, before adding: "Obviously his job is much easier than mine."

According to, Sherman was the NFL's No. 6 cornerback last season (Peterson was 16th), He had eight interceptions and quarterbacks sported a lowly 47.3 passer rating when throwing in his direction. Peterson remains unimpressed.

"That's all fine and dandy, but he's only covering space, he's not really covering a guy," he said. "At the end of the day he has great stats, he has great playmaking ability -- I'm not taking that away from him because he is a good corner. But as far as being a shutdown corner, man-to-man guy, in my eyes, I don't believe he's that."

Sherman, rarely at a loss for words, offered this rebuttal:

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