Back in June, photos of Peyton Manning playing golf surfaced. Normally, photos of a retired football player golfing wouldn't have been the subject of any stories, but considering the person Manning was golfing with ... well, the photos understandably caused a ruckus. 

In those photos, Manning was spotted golfing with President Donald Trump.

Now we know why Manning accepted Trump's invitation to golf together. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, Manning explained his thought process.

"I heard Arnold Palmer say one time, 'If the President of the United States ever asks you to play golf, you do it,' " Manning said. "It's a no-brainer. And it was a fantastic experience."

Manning acknowledged that "a lot people" told him to decline the offer, but he chose to go anyway because it would've been "un-American" to turn down the President.

"I've had a chance to play with President Bush before. If President Obama or President Clinton asked me, I'd be there in a heartbeat," Manning said. "It was just the experience of playing with the office that was pretty cool to me. And I think it would have been almost un-American to have said no."

You can watch their conversation about golfing with Trump below:

Manning isn't the first football player to golf with Trump recently. Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins also spent time on the links with Trump in June.

Next up? It's gotta be Tom Brady, right? 

In September 2015, a "Make America Great Again" hat was spotted in Brady's locker. Though Brady has done his best to dodge all questions related to Trump, he did call him a "good friend of mine" in December 2015. On the other hand, Trump has repeatedly touted his friendship with Brady.

Another possible candidate? Jay Cutler, who said after the election that he supported Trump. Like Manning, Cutler has plenty of free time having also retired from football.