Peyton Manning says QB who is about to break his biggest records 'deserves' it

When Peyton Manning announced his retirement back in March 2016, he left the NFL while holding two of the league's biggest passing records. 

Over an 18-year career, Manning threw for 71,940 yards and 539 touchdowns, which both still stand as NFL records. However, those records likely won't be standing much longer thanks to Drew Brees, who's on the cusp of making his own NFL history. 

Heading into the 2018 season, Brees has already racked up 70,445 career passing yards and 588 career touchdown passes, meaning the Saints quarterback could break both records this year if he throws for 1,495 yards (or more) and 52 touchdowns (or more). Although Brees probably won't break the touchdown mark this year, he's almost definitely going to break the yardage mark and it sounds like Manning is ready for that to happen. 

During an interview from his annual passing camp in Louisiana over the weekend, Manning said that Brees "deserves" to break his records.  

"I don't think it's a matter of if. It's just a matter of when," Manning said, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. "He deserves it and he's been a great player for a long time."

It seems that Manning is a fan of the Saints quarterback because the two went through similar things in the NFL. Not only did both quarterbacks play for two different teams, but both of them also had to battle back from a serious injury at some point in their career. Brees had surgery on a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder in 2006. 

"He's just been the ultimate pro, taking care of himself, being in great shape. Credit to him for playing as long as he has at such a high level," Manning said. "He changed teams, which I know what that's like, that's not easy, going from San Diego to New Orleans. He's just been a great model of consistency. What he and Sean [Payton] have been able to do together in there -- what are they on, 11 years together -- 12 years together now."

Although Manning is proud of both records, he said that the touchdown mark means more, because it means his team was scoring. 

"Obviously, and I know Drew feels the same way, you never play for individual records of any sorts," Manning said. "I think touchdowns probably has a little more meaning to a quarterback, because it means that you got six points, and it means you were doing something good for your team. Yards, as you all know, can not necessarily mean winning games. I think Drew's had a couple of big yardage seasons and maybe they haven't been winning games, so I think that can be a little bit misleading."

Although the yardage mark might be a little misleading, it's likely going to be the record that Brees breaks first. If Brees keeps up with the passing pace that he's set for himself over the past five years (an average of roughly 4,905 yards per season), then he should break the yardage record sometime around Week 5, which is a home Monday game against the Redskins

As for the TD record, Brees probably won't touch that until 2019. The Saints quarterback needs 52 touchdown passes to break that record, which is a big number for a quarterback who has only thrown 50 touchdowns total over the past two seasons combined. 

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