PGA golfer James Driscoll calls playing with Tom Brady 'pretty cool'

Days after the Broncos were thumped by the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, Peyton Manning made his way to northern California to compete in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am. His playing partner during an early practice round: Bill Belichick.

Once the tournament started, Belichick was in the same group as familiar face, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Belichick's pro partner was James Driscoll, the Massachusetts native who has played the tournament on four occasions with the Pats head coach. Now with the pro-am in the books, Driscoll spoke about the golf games of both Belichick and Brady, two of the NFL's most respected names.

“(Belichick’s) game is pretty good,” Driscoll told the Boston Herald. “His grip and his setup, he’s got one of the best grips I’ve ever seen for like a 14-16 handicap. Usually guys at that level have gnarly looking grips, but his grip is just a textbook Ben Hogan grip. And his short game is really good. He just doesn’t play enough. That’s the bottom line. He doesn’t play as much as he’d like, and that’s what keeps him from getting any lower of a handicap.”

In case you're not up on your golf history, here's Ben Hogan's picture-perfect swing, complete with dangling cigarette and that super-strong grip.

As for Brady, who appears to be slightly more athletic than his coach, Driscoll offered this:

“If he played more, he could be really phenomenal,” he said. “He’ll have a couple stretches of holes that just look like he could be a pro. But because he doesn’t play much, he’ll hit some squirrelly shots. He can definitely hit some loose shots."

Turtle can relate (naughty-language warning).

Driscoll also talked about what it was like to be in the same group as Belichick and Brady.

“The first time playing with (Belichick), that was cool, but now that it’s been four years, it wasn’t that surreal,” Driscoll admitted. “But to play with Tom Brady for three days is pretty cool. He’s such a good guy. He’s just normal, down to earth, but so polished. He’s an impressive guy. It’s not a shock to me after hanging out with him and Belichick for three days that they’re as successful as they’ve been. They go about things very professionally, pay attention to detail. They’re just class acts.”

Fair enough. But our all-time favorite NFL-type-on-the-links story still involves Matt Schaub doming an unsuspecting fan on a par 3 at a celebrity tournament and still converting the par.

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