Phil Simms on Tebow: Will be hard for him 'to ever be a starter'

Even with the offseason nearing and his job prospects seemingly dwindling, we can’t escape the Tim Tebow vortex. So, when CBS analyst Phil Simms visited with David Letterman on Monday’s The Late Show, Tebow naturally was a topic of conversation.

Letterman asked Simms if Tebow was a legitimate starting NFL quarterback.

“It’s going to be hard for him to ever be a starter,” Simms said. “When you bring in Tim Tebow, you have to know what comes with him. If you have a starting quarterback, like the Jets did in Mark Sanchez, they’re worried about him and they’re paying him a lot of money. When you bring Tim Tebow in, it brings a lot more focus and his fan base, and it creates a controversy no matter what.”

Speaking of Tebow, what about his former team the Broncos and Peyton Manning losing to the Ravens last weekend in the divisional playoffs? Well, Simms and Letterman discussed that, much to Letterman’s consternation (he apparently is upset about the Ravens going into Denver and winning that game).

They also talked about the Super Bowl predictions and if Simms’ wife thinks her husband is, well, kind of wimpy.

And because I think you’re special, here’s another clip from the Letterman interview.

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