Philadelphia is reportedly upgrading to gear oil to grease city's poles during Super Bowl

Crisco has been downgraded to second-string. Gear oil is in at starter. 

That's the news out of Philadelphia this week, where they're trying to minimize the damage that fans can do to the city (and themselves) in the aftermath of the Super Bowl on Sunday. As part of the preventative measures, the Philly police department is reportedly planning on using gear oil to grease up the poles on downtown streets. 

This development comes after the city's workers attempted to thwart rowdy fans by applying Crisco to those same poles during the NFC Championship. That didn't exactly go as planned, as several celebrating Eagles fans managed to overcome the Crisco and climb their way up the poles through sheer determination. 

However, the police department is hoping the upgrade to gear oil will be enough to deter fans from climbing the poles. 

That gear oil will be a thick, molasses-like substance that smells funky and is tough to remove from clothing and jerseys, which may be enough to make fans reconsider their course of action after the game. Then again, if the Eagles win their first-ever Super Bowl on Sunday, there may not be any amount of gear oil in the world to keep those fans at bay. 

Here's a sneak peek at Eagles fans after the game, win or lose:

In any case, the Philly police seem to be significantly ramping up security measures in anticipation of the big game. They'll also have an increased police presence on the city's streets and corners throughout Sunday. 

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