The Chargers pulled off one of the most dramatic wins of the NFL season on Thursday and they did it by making a gutsy call with four seconds left in the game. 

After Los Angeles scored a touchdown to cut the lead to 28-27, the Chargers could have kicked the extra point to go to overtime, but instead, they decided to go for the win. The gamble by Chargers coach Anthony Lynn paid off big time when Philip Rivers hit Mike Williams for a two-point conversion that gave L.A. a shocking 29-28 win in Kanas City. 

Following the game, Rivers offered two amazing details about the two-point conversion. For one, he didn't even know it was going to happen. After Williams scored the touchdown, Rivers said he immediately headed for the sideline because he assumed the Chargers were going to line up for an extra point, but then he ran into Lynn.  

"I was coming off [for the extra point] and go to OT and hopefully win the coin toss and Coach Lynn said, 'Hey let's go win it right now,'" Rivers told Fox sideline reporter Kristina Pink after the game. 

Although Rivers didn't know a two-pointer was going to happen, Lynn definitely did. After the game, he said he wasn't even considering an extra point. 

"I had a lot of confidence in the players, we were going to go for two the whole time at the end of the game," Lynn said, via NFL Network. "We didn't come here to tie. We came here to win."

It was a bold call by Lynn, and it absolutely paid off. One thing that actually helped the Chargers is that they basically got a free timeout before the two-point attempt. On Williams' touchdown, it appeared that he juggled the ball, so officials decided to review the play, which gave the Chargers more than 90 seconds to come up with a play. 

The other key detail Rivers offered about the two-point play is that the Chargers had already called it once in the game. According to Rivers, the two-point play was the exact same play that the Chargers had used on a Williams touchdown in the second quarter, meaning the Chiefs fell for the same play twice. 

"The touchdown to Mike, our first touchdown, was that same play," Rivers said. "We dressed it up a little bit, put Travis [Benjamin] over there, put all three receivers together, motioned Travis, and he ran to the other side. [We we're hoping] they wouldn't recognize it and they busted a coverage."

When Rivers says the Chiefs "busted" the coverage, he's underselling what actually happened. Williams was about as wide open as you can possibly get on a play in the end zone. 

Here's the two-point play that won the game. 

And just to show you how similar they were, here's the touchdown to Williams in the second quarter. On the touchdown, Williams lined up on the opposite side of the field. 

Williams had a huge game against the Chiefs. Not only did he catch the game-winning two-point conversion, but he also finished with seven catches for 76 yards and two touchdowns. Rivers was also clutch, throwing for 313 yards and two touchdowns, which more than made up for his two interceptions in the first half. 

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