This post is NSFP: Not Safe For Patriots.

In the third quarter of the Falcons vs. Eagles game on Thursday, Doug Pederson needed a way to wake up a dead offense in a 6-3 game. So he went to the oldest trick in the book: throw Nick Foles the ball.

But was it even better than the Philly Special? This looks a lot like the play that Tom Brady dropped in the Super Bowl seven months ago.

The play immediately woke Lincoln Financial Field up, and the drive ended in the first touchdown of the 2018 season.

If you want a reminder of Brady's drop (of course you do), here you go:

Remember, on Philly Special in Super Bowl LII, Foles acted like he was changing the play on the right side of the offensive line when the ball was directly snapped to the running back. On Thursday, the sequence went just as it did on the Patriots' failed play, with one key exception: Foles catching the ball.

As you can imagine, Twitter finally lit up. The play was a much-needed jolt to what had been of a slog of a game that had the disadvantage of being delayed due to weather.

Sure, the play call was literal fan-service, but sometimes you just have to do more of the same to do something different. 

The pressure is now on Pederson to have his quarterback catch a pass in every game this season. Otherwise, the Eagles might see themselves get booed back to the locker room a few more times this year.