Phoenix head shop puts out ad welcoming Tyrann Mathieu to town

Stereotypes are hard to ditch. And when you're just a few months of marijuana-free life from a slew of positive drug tests -- as is the case with Cardinals rookie Tyrann Mathieu -- it's even harder to change the way people perceive you.

So it shouldn't be surprising that Bud's Glass Joint, a Phoenix-area head shop, put out an ad welcoming Mathieu to town.

A few things here.

First, props to "Bud" for the incredibly clever name. Bud, glass and joint are all plays on marijuana paraphernalia. That's not easy to do.

Second, props to "Bud" for being a total jerk and generating some major publicity as a result. Mathieu's been sober for a while and is probably doing everything he can to stay away from marijuana. "Bud" is bugging him out about it and as a result, everyone's pointing out this ad. That's good for Bud's business.

Finally, what is not good for Bud's business. There's the LSU logo and uniform they used in the ad; that's all but guaranteed to result in a cease-and-desist letter from someone at the university. And, while selling glass pipes isn't illegal, you have to think the police might be more willing to keep an eye on old Bud than they were before.

Either way, high praise to the store for smoking out all this publicity.

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