PHOTO: 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and Dodgers OF Yasiel Puig together

Colin Kaepernick [right] poses with Dodger sensation Yasiel Puig. (Instagram)
Colin Kaepernick (right) poses with Dodger sensation Yasiel Puig. (Instagram)

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick is apparently trying to turn the 49ers fan base against him one picture at a time. 

Over the Fourth of July holiday, Kaepernick was pictured with a Miami Dolphins cap. Everyone got mad, and then Kaepernick apologized. Except he didn't actually apologize, which makes sense, because Kaepernick didn't exactly do anything wrong. 

So why is taking a picture with Los Angeles Dodgers sensation Yasiel Puig a bad idea? Because Puig plays for the Dodgers. They are the hated rival of the San Francisco Giants, and the Giants play in San Francisco, and so does Kaepernick. 

But let's be serious for a second. No one should be mad here -- except for maybe fashionably conscious 49ers fans who have a problem with Kaepernick's shirt. 

The picture at the top of the page came via Puig's Twitter account, which is an interesting follow, but only if you speak Spanish. 

If you follow Puig on Twitter, you might notice he tweets out a lot of photos. What you also might notice is that he gives no indication of what might be in the photo. He just tweets out "Acabo de publicar una foto" or "I just published a photo" and a link to his instagram account. 

It's a complete mystery every time you click on one of Puig's Instagram links. Some of the links lead to dogs, others crying children and then some to Kaepernick. This one led to Kaepernick. 

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