PHOTO: 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick has a very large shoe collection

This is Colin Kaepernick's shoe collection. (Instagram)
This is Colin Kaepernick's shoe collection. (Instagram)

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick probably has no plans to open his own Foot Locker, but he could, and he could probably open several of them. 

The 49ers third-year quarterback showed off his shoe collection on his Instagram account and as you can see, Kaepernick's collection consists of one pair of EVERY NIKE SHOE EVER MADE. There are literally over 100 pairs of shoes in this picture. 

Based on the picture, here's four things we know about Kaepernick:

1. He apparently has no favorite color. Purple shoes? He has that. Maroon? He has that, too. He has every color of shoe ranging from turquoise to red to Seahawks green. 

2. Saving boxes is very important to him. This will obviously only increase his popularity in environmentally-conscious San Francisco.   

3. He's highly-organized. The shoes are probably in reverse alphabetical order by color based on the year they came out. That's just a guess, though. 

4. He has a moderatly-sized home. If he lived in a mansion, he could probably fit all of his shoes in one closet, instead, he's devoted five rooms in his house to shoes. The mansion -- and presumably more shoes -- will probably come with his next contract. 

If Kaepernick wants to add to his collection, he'll have plenty of time on his hands to buy new shoes. The 49ers are done with minicamp and don't practice again until training camp starts in July. 

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