PHOTO: 5-0 Chiefs have 99 problems, but losing ain't one

Chiefs fans are getting creative with their jersey choices. (Twitter)
Chiefs fans are getting creative with their jersey choices. (Twitter)

Despite what the headline says, the Kansas City Chiefs don't seem to have any problems right now, at least not 99 of them. Thanks to Kansas City's 26-17 win over Tennessee, the Chiefs are now the first team in NFL history to start a season 5-0 after winning two or fewer games in the previous season. 

It's not just the Chiefs that are resurgent this year either, it's their fans too. As you can see, they brought their 'A' game on Sunday. Titans fans showed up to LP Field in Nashville wearing boring Kendall Wright jerseys, not Chiefs fans though, they showed up in style. We're talking Jay-Z '99 Problems' style. 

Sure, you could argue this was pretty much a complete waste of $300, but those jerseys are probably great conversation starters. The hoop earring probably are too.

(Wink of the CBS Eye to @JoelHerring on Twitter)

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