PHOTO: Aaron Rodgers hangs with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen gives hanging out with Aaron Rodgers a thumbs up. (Twitter)
Seth Rogen gives hanging out with Aaron Rodgers a thumbs up. (Twitter)

Aaron Rodgers has been taking pictures with everyone this week, so you probably shouldn't be surprised that he's now taking photos with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen. 

Apparently, the three were hanging out to shoot a promo for the movie Neighbors, which comes out on May 9. The movie stars both Efron and Rogen as, you guessed it, neighbors.

I have no clue if Rodgers makes a cameo in the movie, but if he does, it would make sense because his goal in life seems to be one-upping Brett Favre at everything. Rodgers is good at that and now he may be gunning to top Favre's cameo in There's Something About Mary

If you feel like you've seen Rodgers everywhere this week, you probably have. Besides hanging out with movie stars, Rodgers also made an appearance at both the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight to cheer on Wisconsin. The Packers quarterback must have been a good luck charm because the Badgers are headed for the Final Four. 

When he wasn't cheering on Wisconsin or filming movie promos this week, Rodgers also found some time to hit the links with LPGA star Natalie Gulbis.   

As for Efron, he seems to be hanging out with NFL players all the time now. The actor spent said 'Hi' to Erick Dickerson at a Colts game in December.

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