PHOTO: Aaron Rodgers' mustache twin looks exactly like him

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has spent many years in the NFL engineering drives for Green Bay and leading his team to playoff victories and a Super Bowl ring.

So, it makes sense that Rodgers actually would be referred to as an engineer while participating in a TV interview. As you can see below.

But you know what's weird? Why wouldn't the caption just say "Aaron Rodgers" instead of "Tom Wrigglesworth?"

Oh, maybe that's because instead of finding Rodgers, we've actually found his doppelganger. And it turns out that it's a British comedian named, you guessed it, Tom Wrigglesworth.

Here's Wrigglesworth.

And here's Aaron Rodgers.

They are mustache twins!

No word yet on Rodgers' response, but at this point, Wrigglesworth seems pleased to have found his American twin.

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