PHOTO: Fan honors Eli Manning on Peyton Manning jersey

Maybe Peyton Manning should start wearing this jersey too. (Twitter)
Maybe Peyton Manning should start wearing this jersey too. (Twitter)

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There were a lot of Denver Broncos fans wearing Peyton Manning jerseys in and around New York this week, but there was only one fan wearing the jersey above. 

Lets try and figure out this person's thought process real quick. 

"I'm going to spend $125 on an NFL jersey." I get this. 

"I'm a Broncos fan, so I'm going to get a Broncos jersey." This also makes sense.

"Peyton Manning is really good, so I'm going to get No. 18." Very smart move. 

"But everyone has a Peyton Manning jersey, how can I make mine different so that people take pictures of me and write about me? I know, I'll but 'Eli's brother' on the back." This isn't how I would spend $125, but to each their own. 

It's actually the perfect time to own this jersey because the Eli Manning memorabilia market is hot right now. At least when it's not fake memorabilia. 

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