PHOTO: Fans show up to Hernandez arraignment in Hernandez jerseys

Three die-hard fans were at the Hernandez arraignment on Friday. (Twitter)
Three die-hard fans were at the Hernandez arraignment on Friday. (Twitter)

Back in July, the Patriots gave their fans a chance to trade in Aaron Hernandez jerseys for something that wasn't an Aaron Hernandez jersey. Over 1,200 fans showed for the trade, but some fans decided to keep their Hernandez jerseys -- and two of those fans showed up at Hernandez's arraignment on Friday. 

As you can see above, Hernandez had at least three supporters in court and two of them were wearing his jersey. The one guy who wasn't wearing a Hernandez jersey? He decided to go another route with his support. As you can see in the tweet below, the back of his shirt says 'Free 8AH1.' 

These fans didn't just show up to hang around the courtroom either, they actually attended the arraignment. As you can see in this tweet from the Boston Globe's Wesley Lowery, all three were in the courtroom. 

The most impressive thing about the female -- or unimpressive thing, depending on your point of view on people supporting accused murders -- is that she came all the way from Savannah, Ga., to show her support for Hernandez, according to Lowery.

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