PHOTO: Havard 'Kickalicious' Rugland's holder is his dog

If you're a dog and your owner's a kicker, apparently you have to learn how to hold. (Instagram)
If you're a dog and your owner is a kicker, apparently you have to learn how to hold. (Instagram)

Move over, Air Bud, because there's another football-playing dog in town. His name is Deluxe, and he belongs to Detroit Lions kicker Havard. Rugland shared the photo above on his instagram account this week. 

Apparently, Kickalicious has moved on from making trick-shot videos to doing stupid pet tricks. Only this trick isn't stupid at all and is actually kind of cool because try to get your dog to hold a football.

The Cowboys probably could have used Deluxe seven years ago when they lost to the Seahawks in the wild-card playoffs on a botched hold by Tony Romo

Anyway, back to Deluxe's owner. Rugland shot to fame in September when a kicking trick-shot video that he made garnered more than 4 million views on YouTube. The video led to a tryout with the Lions, and now Rugland will head into training camp later this month with a legitimate chance of making the team. 

Rugland's video started something of a kicking trick-shot video trend. The St. Louis Rams specialists teamed up with Dude Perfect for a kicking trick-shot video that was released on Monday. 

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