PHOTO: Here is the list of guns Greg Hardy turned in to police

Greg Hardy has turned in his guns to police. (USATSI)
Greg Hardy has turned in his guns to police. (USATSI)

After Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested this week on a domestic assault charge, it was revealed that alleged victim Nicole Holder accused Hardy at one point of throwing her on a couch covered in guns.

With Hardy ordered by police to turn in his firearms as part of his bond, here's a taste of what he owned.

I'm not a gun guy, so all those letters and numbers don't mean much to me.

But a Mecklenburg County sheriff's spokeswoman told the Charlotte Observer that Hardy turned in nine guns, including six military-type, semi-automatic rifles and three shotguns.

Holder told police that Hardy actually owned between 25-30 guns.

Writes Jason McIntyre of the The Big Lead: "Based on this list, Hardy wasn't the type of guy who would go to the gun range on occasion. He was stockpiling weapons the way some guys collect cars. Maybe Hardy's just a gun enthusiast? As a gun owner, I totally understand the interest in possessing a weapon. But this is a bit much, unless you're robbing a bank or prepping a small army."

If anybody has anything to add or another perspective, I imagine you won't mind expressing your First Amendment rights in the comment box below. 

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