PHOTO: Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew is Homey D. Clown

Maurice Jones-Drew's Halloween costume: Homey D. Clown. (Twitter)
Maurice Jones-Drew's Halloween costume: Homey D. Clown. (Twitter)

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady dressed up as the cowardly lion for Halloween. Patriots coach Bill Belichick dressed up as a pirate, but it looks like the winner of the NFL's unofficial costume contest is Jaguar running back Maurice Jones-Drew

MJD tweeted out a picture of his costume and if you're a fan of the 1990's Fox television show In Living Color, you might recognize it. Now if he can only get one of his teammates to go as Fire Marshal Bill

Everything you need to know about Homey, you learn from his parole officer in one of Homey's first skits, "His name is Homey D. Clown, I'm his parole officer, he'll be filling in here as part of the work-release program."

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