PHOTO: 'Madden 15' glitch means Titans have 14-inch tall linebacker

This is what a 14-inch tall linebacker looks like. (EA Sports)
This is what a 14-inch tall linebacker looks like. (EA Sports)

EA Sports' newest Madden NFL game got a lot of things right this year. For instance the designers included Manning-Face. However, there are also a few mistakes in the game. Take for instance Christian Kirksey

In real life, the Browns rookie linebacker is listed at 6'2", 235-pounds. In Madden 15 though, Kirksey is listed at 1'2", 235-pounds -- and he plays for the Titans. One-foot, two-inches is a big for a Smurf, but it's incredibly small for an NFL defensive player. 

As you can imagine, having a 14-inch linebacker on your team puts you at an inherent disadvantage in football. Just watch our 1'2" friend try and tackle. 

Although he can't tackle, Kirksey's not completely useless in the game, he can recover fumbles. 

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, Kirksey thinks this whole midget linebacker thing is pretty funny.

This glitch isn't good, but as far as glitches go, it's probably better than one that eliminates gravity

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