PHOTO: Meet Ha Ha Kitten-Dix, the cat named after a Packers rookie

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, meet Ha Ha Kitten-Dix. (Twitter/USATSI)
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, meet Ha Ha Kitten-Dix. (Twitter/USATSI)

As most of you already know, the internet was invented so that people could post pictures of their cats online. As most of you also know, the Eye on Football blog was invented to bring you the latest NFL news

On the luckiest of days, those things get combined and we get to bring you NFL-related cat pictures -- like the one below. That adorable thing is Ha Ha KITTEN-Dix.

A family in Wisconsin decided to name their cat after Green Bay first-round draft pick Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Apparently this family has a thing for naming its cats after Packers players. The last cat's name was Jordy. 

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