PHOTO: Oklahoma City Seahawks will be 2015 NFC Champions

This t-shirt probably wouldn't sell too well in Seattle. (Facebook)
This t-shirt probably wouldn't sell too well in Seattle. (Facebook)

Oklahoma City has already taken one of Seattle's sports teams, so why not two? After the Seahawks won the Super Bowl on Sunday, an Oklahoma City-based brewery published the above picture on its Facebook page

As you can imagine, Seahawks fans didn't find the joke funny. At all. And that's because it's only been six years since Seattle lost the SuperSonics to Oklahoma City. 

At least one Facebook user was really bothered by the Oklahoma City Seahawks T-shirt. Here's what he wrote -- although you'll have to figure out what he meant in several places because I've had to replace some key letters with dashes, "It's not a f------- joke. You f------ d-----bags stole our f------ team and then you try to pull this s---?"

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