PHOTO: Patriots coach Bill Belichick goes pirate for Halloween

Ahoy all ye Patriot fans. (Instagram)
Ahoy all ye Patriot fans. (Instagram)

If you've ever wondered what Patriots coach Bill Belichick looks like with a smile on his face -- or dressed up as a pirate -- Halloween is here to answer both of those questions for you. Belichick's better half Linda Holliday posted this photo of her and Bill on Instagram.

What she posted might be the only picture in existence of Bill Belichick smiling during football season. If Pirate Bill Belichick isn't fun enough for you, then maybe baby Bill Belichick will put a smile on your face. Look at cute little baby Bill Belichick. It's no baby Andy Reid, but to be fair, nothing tops a baby with a walrus mustache. Except a baby with two walrus mustaches! But I haven't seen that yet. 

Also, if any parents need a costume idea for their baby, I think pirate baby Bill Belichick is the next logical move.  

Oh and if you're wondering, Belichick did not coordinate his costume with Tom Brady. Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen were off seeing the wizard this week

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